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Your Future. Your Way. Plan on It.

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

Financial Planners Wellesley, MA

A lot of people know that having a financial plan is important, but they are either too scared, too intimidated, or unsure of how to get started. If you think that you’re not a savvy-enough investor to have a financial plan, or you’re embarrassed to discuss your income and spending habits with us, you’re not alone.

In fact, many people think using a financial planner is only for rich people. Others fear that they will be negatively judged if they reveal the truth about their financial situation or spending habits. As experienced Advisors, we’ve seen and heard it all. It’s our goal to help you plan for the life you want to live so you can ultimately live the life you plan.

Our clients are a diverse group of individuals with very different aspirations and goals. While each investor is unique, there are common threads. Each client is seeking unbiased, professional financial advice from someone they can trust through every stage of their life. Additionally, many have the same fears and concerns about financial planning. By understanding your unique needs and current financial picture, we are better able to provide you with the most appropriate investment strategy specially tailored for you.

Planning at different stages of life

Regardless of where you are in your personal life, financial planning is worth your time. When you work with our team, planning and investing isn’t nearly as complicated, time consuming or daunting as you might think. And, you don’t have to be wealthy! Establishing a financial plan is valuable for young adults as well as older ones. Whether you’re single or married, have young or older children, or you’re making decisions later in life with the next generation in mind, working with a professional is helpful in many ways.

A comprehensive financial plan involves more than investments and retirement planning. It’s the creation of a financial road map that takes into consideration your current lifestyle and your present and future goals. Evaluating someone's financial health is similar to evaluating someone's physical health - it involves checking on every aspect that can undermine the rest. It also helps mitigate risk and increase the opportunity for rewards. Because things change as you approach certain stages in life, financial planning is a work in progress.

An ongoing process and roadmap

With over thirty years in the financial services industry, our history is one of long-term partnerships with our clients built on mutual trust and respect, just as our name implies. At Aevitas, we are committed to helping our clients and their families achieve financial success and to help them make sound financial decisions throughout their lives. Meeting with your financial advisor for checkups is important and should be a routine part of wealth management. As part of our ongoing process we will benchmark your progress as you work toward reaching your goals and make any necessary adjustments based on your changing priorities. This is particularly important when you go through major life events, such as marriage, divorce, having a baby, a major health crisis, job changes, retirement and even reallocating assets as you get older.

Whether you’re a Gen X, a Millennial or a Boomer, a well-thought-out plan and solid investment strategy can benefit you now and help you establish a sense of legacy down the road with your family members.
It’s your future. Let’s plan it.

Contact Michael Schreiber to discuss next steps at or (781) 239-1180.

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