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Benefits of a 529 Plan

May 29th is National 529 College Savings Plan Day, a day that highlights the benefits of 529 education savings plans and the value of investing for future education expenses. This popular savings tool allows parents, grandparents, and others to save and grow money in a tax-deferred account outside of your taxable estate. Withdrawals are tax-free, as long as they are used for qualified educational expenses such as tuition, room and board, books, etc.

While 529s were created to help families pay for post-secondary education, they can now be used to pay for up to $10,000 of annual tuition expenses to attend public, private or religious elementary or secondary schools. In addition, the SECURE Act passed last year expanded the definition of expenses to include more options to use these savings tax-free, such as student loan payments and apprenticeship programs. 

We know that balancing expenses and saving for college can be difficult, and the Aevitas Team is here to assist with all of your financial planning needs, including college savings for the important people in your lives. We also have comprehensive financial aid software to help estimate your total net cost of college, and we can assist with completing any financial aid forms, such as the FAFSA. 

Please contact us to help and educate you on the process of college planning.

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