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Financial Planning is Priceless

Let’s work together to create a financial plan designed to accomplish your goals and deliver on your dreams.

The idea of putting together a financial plan with an advisor can conjure up lots of anxiety-ridden perceptions. Many fear they’ll have to endure hours and hours of meetings, endless gathering of documents, the disclosure of embarrassing personal spending habits, and more. We get it. So much so that we have designed our financial planning process to fit three different types of planners.

Everyone has different comfort levels.

There are those who want a highly detailed analysis with a deep dive into all facets of the data, and others want a middle of the road approach that combines a scaled back view and more theoretical suggestions. And of course, there are many who just want to bypass the details to get to the fastest answer to the question, “How much do I have to save each month to…?”

Through an easy to navigate process, we will work with you to build a financial plan that addresses whatever goals you share with us, both financial and non-financial.

Our financial plans help you work toward your short and long-term goals by:

  • Providing a blueprint for a foundation to plan for major expenses like education, homeownership, vacations, and retirement

  • Informing you about using your wealth in a tax-efficient manner

  • Aligning your values and fulfilling your charitable giving plans

  • Incorporating an investment strategy that will protect and grow your assets

  • Balancing when to retire with how much you can spend

  • Breaking down your big goals into achievable steps

Financial planning is at the heart of everything we do.

At Aevitas Wealth, comprehensive financial planning services are available to all clients no matter how long we have worked with you. Our advisory services extend far beyond managing investment portfolios.

It is never too early or late to start. Gaining the peace of mind that your financial picture and plan are sound at every stage of life is priceless. Whether you want to put more money towards retirement, build an education fund, stick to a budget, or pay down debt, a financial plan will help you achieve your goals.

Please reach out to us as soon as you’re ready. A 15-minute call is all it takes to get started.

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