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  • Michael Schreiber

Geopolitical Instability and the Markets

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

We know we are living through uncertain times. The escalation of conflict in Europe has helped fuel uncertainty, and concerns about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have weighed heavily on Wall Street. Financial markets have been experiencing fluctuations, and the conflict in Europe is just one piece contributing to market performance.

Market fluctuations are common and to be expected

Clients must remember that although the geopolitical conflict is upsetting, periods of fluctuation and market correction are normal. We have lived through geopolitical conflicts and although past performance is never a guarantee of future returns, what is currently happening in the markets is nothing new in terms of pullbacks throughout history. The following chart is helpful in understanding that geopolitical selloffs are typically short-lived.

We appreciate hearing from you

Just as in other times of uncertainty, the Aevitas team is here for you. Our job is to help you navigate periods of uncertainty with you as we carefully manage your portfolio. As your financial advisor, we want to remind you that our investing principles should not change during periods of market volatility. If you missed our most recent perspective on what’s moving markets, please read it here.

As always, if you have any concerns about your portfolio, our team is available to meet with you, take your calls, and respond to your emails. Thank you for your continued business and trust.

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