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Now is the perfect time to get your financial plan in order.

Why? While we have had a great deal of communication around staying the course with your investments and focusing on long-term and established plans, many of our clients who have been materially impacted by the current economic crisis and market pullback are asking what they can be doing during this time. Specifically, many are curious if they are still on track to meet their financial goals.

As your advisor, one of our most important objectives is preparing you for your future goals and addressing all of your unique financial needs. For many clients, this means reviewing goals in greater detail and preparing a written financial plan or mission statement for your family. Quite often, the most challenging and time-consuming part of the process is evaluating cash flow. Many people don't like to look at their cash flow, which is one of the biggest reasons why clients shy away from completing a financial plan. But, while difficult, detailing cash inflows and outflows is important to understanding the impact of planned withdrawals on your portfolio. Gaining a true understanding of your finances will help you feel more in control, and ultimately more confident in making meaningful lifestyle choices. 

When you work with the Aevitas team, the financial planning process is not nearly as daunting or time-consuming as you might believe. We help you throughout every step and have digital tools to make the process as seamless as possible. If you think you might be embarrassed to discuss your spending with us, you are not alone, and we can discuss this with you. Please contact us at 781.239.1180 to start your plan today. 

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