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The Aevitas Way

We believe that we are only as successful in our advisory services as the relationships we form.


Our Wealth

Management Services

We provide fee-only, customized investment advisory and financial planning services with a focus on risk management for individuals, families, and small businesses. You can count on our personalized, hands-on service that allows us to fully understand your unique needs and goals over the long term.


We don't make that last statement lightly, either. At Aevitas, we're proud to service clients from generation to generation. 

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Pink Blossom

Fee-Only Investment Advisory Services

Whether you're just starting your career and family, nearing retirement, or already retired, we create customized investment strategies for your unique set of circumstances. Our fee-only investment advisory services enable us to be your advocate and to put your needs first. We’re not affiliated with any company’s products, which means you receive unbiased advice. Our diversified, disciplined investment management is highly personalized and based on financial goals, risk tolerance, time horizon, and tax circumstances. Using vehicles such as individual securities, mutual funds, and ETFs, we design your portfolio and frequently review and rebalance it to achieve your objectives while managing risks. 

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Comprehensive Financial Planning

No matter what your individual goal may be, we work closely with you during the data-gathering process to ensure that the plan we develop works with your needs and goals. Our comprehensive approach to financial planning starts with a review of your entire financial picture. From there, we conduct a spending and net worth analysis, and we discuss your goals and individual needs. This might include retirement and education planning, giving strategies, estate planning, insurance needs assessment, tax planning, or a combination of all of the above. We also coordinate with your other advisors, such as attorneys and accountants, to provide you with advice that takes into consideration your entire financial picture.

Risk Management

Educating our clients in the financial planning and investment process is important to our firm, including the minimization of risk. Properly assessing and controlling the amount of risk in your portfolio is an integral part of our portfolio review process. We place an emphasis on downside protection, with the goal of achieving a certain rate of return at an appropriate level of risk by maintaining a well-diversified portfolio across major asset classes. 

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Institutional Advising and Investing

We provide advice and investment services for institutions, including foundations, endowments, corporate funds, and retirement plans. Our institutional services are offered on both a discretionary and non-discretionary basis. Our tailor-made portfolios are the hallmark of our personalized approach, allowing us to design a specialized strategy to meet specific needs and objectives. We carefully integrate safety, income, and growth objectives while evaluating holdings with an eye to the long-term plan requirements.

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